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Here are the rules:

* Purchase anything(s) from the site with a total value of $25 or more and automatically enter for a chance to win.
*Shipping price is not included in the $25 Minimum
*Each order you make validates as 1 entry. The more Orders you make through out the Raffle time frame, the more entries you have.
    Example: Today you make a purchase and that is 1 entry. Later in the day, the        next day, the next week you make another purchase of $25 or more, and that
    is another entry. *Unlimated Entries*
*The winner will be picked in a random draw. All contestants names will be placed in a big container and 1 lucky winner will be randomely selected.
*Raffle date starts October 27th & Ends on November 21st midnight.
In this time frame all customers who make a validating purchase will automatically be entered whether they know it or not.
*The winner will be announced November 22nd at 9pm via our Twitter @Knovaarts13. We will also notify that person via Email that He/She is the winner.
*If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email at Krexxdoublex@gmail.com You can expect a reply within 24hrs
If you are new to my site and wonder why i am giving away a blender when i sell Magnetic Jewelry. Well, for the past 7 years i completely changed my diet around and started eating healthier. Through out those years until now, i used my personal Vitamix blender almost every single day, and it has been an essential tool in maintaining my health at an optimal level. I want to give that same possibility to another human so they can take control of there health and live a happier life.

Best Willings To All 

 & May the one who needs it the most Win!