Here we have the one of a kind Transformer Necklace.

Hiddenly it is 2 necklaces in one.

The face of the Necklace is a Big powerful magnetic hematite ball, surrounded by 3 Very powerful Neodymium magnets on each side. Through out the necklace there are Hematite magnets, silver colored beads and genuine copper beads. The strong magnets rest approximately on the heart chakra, amplyfien and radiating a powerful magnetic field.

With a little bit of force, you can pull one end of the neodymium magnets off on the front from the Big magnetic Ball, remove the Other side slowly and carefully and SLOWLY place them Together. If you let them smash together, The Neodymium magnets WILL brake. Also when you want to connect them back to the BALL, slowly connect them to insure the neodymium magnets do not brake. 

When you place the Neodymium magnets all together, it will be prett diffult to seperate them as they are so strong so becareful. 

This necklace is next level jewelry. very powerful and with many benefits.




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