Here we have the REPELLER Bracelet.
The name comes from the word, "REPEL" As this is once of the major properties of this bracelet. Lets begin with the Hashema Hands, or more commonly known as the Hand of Fatima. This symbol is known in all faiths as a protection. Aswell as that, it also symbolises luck, fortune, Health and is said to Repel the Evil Eye others may have towards the Wear-er.
In the center of this bracelet is a black Tourmaline stone. Also known as a stone of protection. Known to Block out and repel Negative Radiations and frequencies from Electronics. This stone is also said to keep negative entities and energies away, therefor, Repelling them.
The foundation of this bracelet is Hematite Magnets. Both Regular Powered and High Powered. Also known to have the same benefits of the Black Tourmaline and some OF the Hashema hand, but also has its own properties. Known to Increase blood and oxygen flow in the body, to speed up healing, Strengthen human magnetic field  and repel Harmful Radiations.
This bracelet is great for someone who wants to keep negative things away, but remember, the bracelet does not work FOR you, it works WITH you!


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