Fully magnetic hematite & Copper Combo Set. This Combo is a powerful Protector, Grounder,and Balancer. This Combination will help protect your aura and increase your magnetic field. With 2 Triple Bracelets W/ Copper, 2 Circulater rings W/ Copper and 1 amazing Magnetic Copper Pharoes Necklace, you will have a Balance of Magnetism in your upper body and will increase the Benefits and properties to the Wear-er.

If you would like to know more of the benefits of these elements, we encourage you to do some research.


Besides the benefits, this jewelry is one of a kind and you will guranteed have a lot of eyes looking, and where your attention goes, your energy flows .


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$120.00Sale Price
Bracelet 1
Bracelet 2
Ring 1
Ring 2

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