Lion Roar Bracelet.

You might think its Versace at a quick Glipse, but No! This is the Official Lion Roar Bracelet.

Made from Silver Colored Hematite magnet Beads and HIgh Powered Magnetic Hematite Beads.

The Face of the Pendant is a Powerful Lion.

Do you Feel you Have the Heart of A lion? Then this Bracelet is for you.

You are fiercely independent, confident and in control which is balanced by a quiet demeanor. You are also a creative and influential force and have the internal power to make positive (or negative) changes in your life and the lives of others around them. Most people with this totem are very loyal, and will defend friend and family honor to the death.

Wear this Bracelet and Benefit from the Many Properties of Hematite Magnets




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