Power Magnetic Hematite Necklace. Made With Magnetic Beads, Gold filled beads And a Caduceus Symbol as the Pendant.


The Caduceus Symbol is a Powerful Ancient symbol. You may see it used in the Health care and medical practice but the true Symbolism and origin is much deeper. 

According to an Article of The Spiritual Meaning of the Caduceus, here are some of the meanings...

*Each entity of the Caduceus symbol has its own symbolism. The staff has a phallic significance, and thus represents strong masculinity. The snakes winding around them were placed that way purposefully. This weaving and winding meaning implies a need to increase your knowledge, thinking and outlook.

*The last part of the caduceus, the wings have their own symbolism. The wings of the Caduceus symbol represent birds and signify soaring high in the skies. They ask you to dream big and go after your dreams and fulfill them. Wings also symbolize messages from your guardian angels.

*A representative of the importance of balancing the dualities that occur in our lives. The two serpents act as the perfect symbol of these dualities. They are intertwined, reminding us that even opposites are connected in some way. Together, they are unified, just as we should be.

*The intertwined serpents represent the spiritual and physical connection between the male and female energies coming together around the staff, which is highly phallic in nature. Together, they symbolize sexual vitality and fertility.

*Others focus on the snakes and their ability to shed their skins, which is symbolic of renewal, both physically and spiritually. They thus become representatives of purity and transformation.


Personally, this Symbol Represents the Kundalini Energy Rising Through all chakras and entering the Crown Where true Knowledge and Wisdom is Acquired.





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