Dream Catcher necklace. 

The dreamcatcher is a Symbol linked to the "Native Americans" or Indigenous people. Most commonly the dream catcher is said to Trap Bad dreams and allow good dreams to pass through when you Hang an actual dream Catcher over your bed.

In this necklace, this dream Catcher is to represent the Indigenous in you, so when other's see it, they see the indigenous in you.

This necklace is made from Magnetic Hematite Beads.

Magnets have been said and proven to have many health benefits. Just to name a few, Increase blood circulation and oxygen flow, Increase Humans Natural magnetic field, Block away low Frequencies and negative energies and Aid in Healing.

Magnets have been around for ever, We are magnetic, Animals are magnetic, The earth is magnetic.


Wear this necklace and not only look good and represent your heritage, but also benefit from the many properties from magnets.


Raise vibrations-Block Radiations-Increase Circulation

Indigenous Dream Catcher Necklace


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