Here is a beutiful, one of a kind, ankh bracelet. The ankh is known as the "Key Of Life" and the ancient khemetics carried it around, representing "Eternal Life". This Ankh is  made from Hematite. Some of the benefits of this mineral just to name a few are grounding and balancing ones energy. It is known as a good protector and a clearer of negative blockages in our energy field. The bracelet is made from High powered magnetic beads. The benefits of wearing this bracelet is that the wear-er will have a stronger pull of the magnets pulling the iron through the veins and clearing any blockages preventing proper blood flow. Our hands and feet are what actually pull the blood and make it circulate through our body. Magnetic hematite protects against negative energies and radiations. Wear this bracelet and protect against harmful ELF waves emitted from electronics.



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