"Golden Honeycomb Necklace"

Made From Magnetic Hematite and Gold colored beads. This design is very unique and different. The pendant is a Bumble Bee on a honey comb. Besides the Beutiful looks of this necklace, it also has properties which distinguish it from a regular Necklace. Hematite Magnets are believed to have many benefits. They are said to Increase blood and Oxygen flow within the body, Repel low Frequencies and Radiation, Amplify ones energy and Strengthen the Bodys Energetic Field (Magnetic Field). Remember we are Electro-Magnetic beings, We are energy. This are just some of the benefits that are said to come from Magnets, Always feel free to do your own research and educate yourself.


"The Bee"

Technically speaking Bees should not be able to fly. They're Aerodynamic Design can show that. Its doubtful that the Bee knows it shouldn't fly, It Simply DOES, and so can you.

A Bee's Honeycomb represents the heart Chakra and Lifes Sweetness. Bees have strong ties to the Sun, Light , and warmth. Bee spirit is also a Protector, willing to give his life in what ever mission prevails.There is much more symbolism and Importance of the Bee. I Will allow you to educate yourself.





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