Down With Earth 3 set Combo
Here we have a complete 3 set combo wooden cups. Made from Guayacum Wood. Hand made By a friend of ours here in Dominican Republic.
Guayacum wood is a special wood that is perfect for making kitchen ware. It resembles glass in the way you can wash it and clean it easily, but with out the harmful risk of braking and cutting yourself or your children.
Like Copper cups that have natural benefits, but these wooden cups do not rust nor build up acid like copper cups.
These cups will last you a life time. You can keep water in them for years straight without worrying about damaging the cups.
Specially made for drinking.

Perfect for drinking water, smoothies, natural juices and any beverage of your choice.
Have Company over? Serve them some natural juice in this cup and they will be amazed.
Get Connected to Mother earth and drink your liquids in a natural container.



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