5G Buster Necklace

Two 26 High powered Magnetic bead Rows going on each  side.

High quality, Extra Strength Magnetic Beads.

This Necklace is one of our Strongest Necklaces thus far. We made this Necklace with the intention to Protect you more precisely against Radiation and Extra Low Frequency Waves. With 104 Double extra strong magnets going fully around, be prepared to increase Blood Flow and Oxygen through your veins. This Necklace will help protect you from 5G Radiation and all other sorts of Radiation. We live in a world full of city lights and Electrical Wires all around which Disrupt our bodies natural Magnetic Field and other bodily Processes. This Necklace will help Lighten the effects of all those harmful Frequencies.

This Powerful Necklace Rest on the chest going down past the Heart. Protecting all Organs from direct Radiation And Low frequencies.

Everytime your heart Pumps, your Magnetic field around your body Pulses outwards, creating constant Waves of Magnetism going outwards and surrounding your body. If the person is Unhealthy imaging a Low Magnetic Outburst going out or Gaps inbetween the heart beats Magnetism, Which doesn't keep it on a consistent rythym and is off Balance.

Wearing Strong Magnets will Strengthen this Natural process and will increase the Magnetism your Body outputs.


Always remember the more Magnets you have on, the stronger the properties.


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$130.00Sale Price

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